Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Arctic Radio 1584

Arctic Radio was monitored during the tests and the official broadcasts at home with a IQ and an ALA100 antenna. Although the noise level is high and there were interference from the co-channel stations it was heard several times at night and in the afternoon of Dec. 28th. Fortunately on Dec 28th they were transmitting after 14 utc of their afternoon broadcast and the signal level starting (Arctic R. is the black line) to increase then as can been seen in the graph. The levels were recorded afterwards using SpecLab´s Plotter window and the data was transfered to Excel for the graph.
Below is also a small clip of the transmission with heavy noise containing a part of the programme before 15 utc (with Iran coming quite strong as well) and an announcement in Swedish later on. The picture shows a SpecrtaVue screen with resolution of about 0.1 Hz.
Keep up the good work in b´casting all the staff of Arctic Radio Morokulien.

I wish also my best wishes to Arctic Radio Club now 50 years old

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